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May 27, 2021 Health0

Sleep apnea is a dangerous sleep disorder that deprives the body of oxygen and increases the risk of serious health issues. According to the American Sleep Apnea Association, more than 22 million American suffer from this involuntary cessation of breath while sleeping. People with untreated sleep apnea stop breathing as many as hundreds of times per night.


May 6, 2021 General0

A regular dental check up is important because it can help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Some medical conditions have symptoms that can appear in the mouth. A regular checkup allows your dentist to detect problems such as gum disease or dry mouth and stop them before they become more serious.


April 22, 2021 GeneralProcedures0

Missing teeth can leave you feeling so embarrassed that you cover your mouth or look away from others when you speak. It can cause anxiety and cause you to isolate yourself from others. If you’re missing a tooth due to injury or decay, it’s important to address it as soon as possible. Even if you’re not concerned about cosmetics, having a full set of teeth is essential to maintaining good oral health. Missing teeth can result in bone loss in your jaw or cause your remaining teeth to shift to fill in the gaps, leaving you with further complications from a misaligned bite.


April 15, 2021 Procedures0

Has your dentist recommended that you get a temporary filling? You may be wondering why this would be necessary and a permanent filling wasn’t put in right away. These fillings aren’t meant to last and wear out quickly, but they can be useful in several situations. So when are temporary fillings used?


April 8, 2021 Health0

People’s teeth can tell a lot about them. Your dentist will know if you grind your teeth at night by looking at your tooth structure. The dentist will look for any loss of structure integrity between your teeth along the gum line (abfractions). These are caused by  excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching when you sleep (Bruxism).


March 25, 2021 Procedures0

Veneers are an ideal solution for people looking for a smile makeover. Made of porcelain, veneers are a very thin painless treatment to achieve permanently aligned whiter teeth. Veneers are bonded to the front of the teeth, changing their color, shape, size, or length. Veneers can even be placed over existing crowns or bridgework transforming teeth into a natural looking smile.


March 18, 2021 Procedures0

What is a root canal and how do I know if it is infected?

Root canal refers to the hollow space within the root of the tooth that’s filled with soft tissue and nerves (also called pulp). When the pulp becomes infected it can cause extreme tooth pain and it can lead to tooth decay. To eliminate the pain and discomfort, your dentist will perform a procedure called a root canal. It’s a very common dental procedure where the inflamed or infected nerves and tissue are removed to avoid the infection from spreading to surrounding teeth.  


March 4, 2021 General0

There are many questions surrounding wisdom teeth and if they should be removed. A wisdom tooth is the third molar tooth at the back of the mouth. It is known as an impacted wisdom tooth if it has not fully erupted into the oral cavity. Most people will have four wisdom teeth. They are generally the last teeth to break through the gums. A tooth may become impacted due to an abnormal position of the wisdom tooth, insufficient space in the dental cavity, an abnormal growth, like a cyst and other factors.

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