What is Sedation Dentistry?

February 18, 2021 2

Sedation Dentistry is an ideal solution for people who suffer from dental phobia. It is used by dentists to perform relaxed dental treatment on patients and helps many patients overcome their fear of visiting the dentist.

Many people who suffer from dental phobia often neglect their teeth by not visiting the dentist. This can have harmful lasting effects to your oral health, which may eventually result in more complicated and expensive dental treatments later in life.

Sedation dentistry has many great benefits for people who sufferer from dental phobia:

  • It allows patients to visit the dentist without any pre-visit nerves. The patient can relax without ever feeling any dental pain.
  • Sedation dentistry saves you money by allowing the dentist to perform multiple procedures in one visit. Plus you don’t have to take additional days off work for the completion of your dental treatment.
  • Patients with medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or who have gag reflexes that make controlling their mouth stressful, will also benefit from sedation dentistry and the physical and mental relaxation that it gives to the patient.

There are several benefits of sedation dentistry for both the patient and dentist. The patient can experience a freedom from their past fear and apprehension of the dentist and become confident at the dental office. For the dentist it often means that treatment can be carried out to the highest standard rather than limiting treatment options because the patient is too afraid to get the much needed dental work.

Thomas Gonzales D.D.S. is highly trained in IV sedation, in fact he taught IV Sedation to dental students at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. If you suffer from fear of the dentist and have been putting off getting proper dental care, give us a call in Irvine at (949) 424-5137 and request an appointment with Dr. Gonzales. You will be happy you did.



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