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August 18, 2021 General0

Fear can overrule the need for dental work. Avoiding the dentist can make dental issues worse. There are some patients who show up for their appointment so worked up with fear and anxiety that they tense up and make it difficult to be treated. IV Sedation is a solution that does work. Sedation dentistry (sleep dentistry) can provide anxious patients with comfort and relaxation so they can be treated without pain and anxiety.


March 19, 2020 ProceduresService0

You know you are supposed to see our dentist twice a year, but for some people the fear overrides the need for important dental work. You know avoiding the dentist makes most oral health issues even worse. There are some people who even show up on the day of their appointment but are so worked up with fear and anxiety that they tense up and make even a simple procedure difficult for themselves and their dentist.

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