Going abroad for dental work may be cheaper, but comes with many dangers. We detail the danger of getting dental implants or a Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge abroad.

It is human nature to always try to find the best deal. Nobody likes feeling like they have overpaid, and that leads to a relentless search to save as much money as possible. For many dental patients in Orange County, that means traveling abroad to get Hybrid 4 dental implants. While we understand trying to save a few dollars, we do not recommend traveling abroad for dental work for a variety of reasons.

Dental Practices Are Not As Closely Regulated Abroad

When you come to dental implant experts in Orange County, you know what you are getting. All of our dentists are certified and approved to practice dentistry in the state of California. They have undergone examinations from the California State Board of Medical Examiners and have taken hundreds of hours of courses to stay current with the latest technologies and procedures. This is not always the same case abroad.

If you go abroad you may not be able to verify the training and qualifications of the dentist. Not only are dental regulations much more lax, but fraud is much more common as well. If you want to make sure only certified experts are working on your teeth, you should look in the United States and go to Sedation and Implant Dentistry Irvine, the dental implant experts.

Dental Practices Are Not As Safe Abroad

The safety of going to a dentist abroad can be correlated to the lack of regulations. An easy certification process can lead to a less qualified dentist working on your teeth. This can lead to mistakes that can cause permanent damage or injury to you.

Health risks can arise from the medication and procedures performed abroad. Make a safe choice and choose a board certified dentist that is regulated by the California State Department of Health Services.

Dentists Abroad Cannot Be Held As Accountable For Errors

If you go abroad for a dental implant or Hybrid4 Fixed Bridge procedure, you may have trouble holding a dentist accountable. If you have a procedure and a few weeks later something goes wrong, who do you turn to? Do you trust a dentist in another country to invite you back in to the office free of charge? The dental implant experts at Sedation and Implant Dentistry Irvine stand by their work, and if you have any kind of complication come in to our office and we are happy to see you and make you comfortable.

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